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What are the 3 major functions of business finance?

Since it influences a company's growth and success, business financing is crucial. There are a lot of activities that occur when running a corporation, and business finance aids in the company's organization for day-to-day operations and decision-making. Business finance, also known as corporate finance, is responsible for allocating resources and predicting economic conditions in the business world. If the position does not exist in-house, you will have to seek outside assistance in making financial decisions for your business. Please visit our Business Finance Assignment help page for assistance from our experts. 

Business Finance

The raising and management of funds by businesses are referred to as business finance. The financial manager, who is generally near the top of a company's organizational structure, is in charge of planning, research, and control operations. A finance committee mostly takes significant financial decisions in substantial companies. In small businesses, the economic activities are generally handled by the owner-manager. Lower-level employees do much of the day-to-day work of business finance, such as managing cash receipts and disbursements, others are borrowing from commercial banks on a daily and ongoing basis, and formulating cash budgets.

The following are the main functional areas of business Finance:

  1. Finance

  2. Marketing

  3. Operation 

Finance: The finance department of a corporation is in charge of securing and disbursing funds for operations. This department is also in charge of buying marketing and operational goods, facilities, and services. Every company's finance department must be capable of budgeting and forecasting expenses, revenue, gains, costs, losses, and debt. 

It's not easy to keep track of a company's cash flow and financial assets. A company's financial management must be effective in order for it to stay competitive. This might mean devising investment strategies that produce a high short-term yield without exposing the investor to too much risk.

Some businesses owe a significant part of their success to their finance department., for example, made its money in the beginning by simply investing sales proceeds between the time of purchase and the time of payment to the seller.

Marketing: The marketing function of a company is primarily responsible for ensuring that the company has customers. A company's marketing practices and efforts must be based on providing that the company's products and/or services will meet the customer's needs and wants. More significantly, the marketing department must ensure that the target customer is aware of the company's products and services and that the products meet their needs and desires. This "intelligence" must be sufficient to convince a significant portion of the target market to purchase the goods or services to satisfy their needs and desires.

The marketing department of an organization must focus on developing strategies and proposals that effectively raise awareness. The marketing department, for example, creates and implements strategies for promoting a company's products and services. The customer experience is given a lot of thought in marketing. The marketing job of a business strives to create a consumer experience that is optimized for selling the company's products and services, whether it's devising a strategy to cross-sell candy and other tasty treats to customers at a video rental store like Blockbuster or creating an extremely positive emotional experience for those visiting a timeshare resort.

Operation: A company's operations department is in charge of manufacturing the company's goods and services. Under the constraints of the finance department's budgets and projections and the marketing department's supply and demand predictions, operations are responsible for producing what the company sells. Operations must produce products and services in compliance with what the marketing department determines is needed to meet the basic needs and desires of consumers.

The supply chain's operation and management are also heavily influenced by operations. A company's operations management approach will make or break it. Supply chain management is quite an important aspect of every business.


I hope you now have a better understanding of the three key functions of business finance; if you need more guidance, visit our page on business finance homework help.


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