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R vs Stata: Which One is Best For Data Science?

Today we will discuss the comparison between R vs Stata. Students are more likely to compare it to data science. As a statistical student, you should know which is best for data science between R vs stata. Before entering into an in-depth comparison, you should take a look at the definition of both. R definition R is one of the most influential and most reliable statistics languages in the world. It is used to calculate statistical and graphics. It provides high-level graphics, an interface for other languages, and debugging facilities. R is known as the advance of the S language. It was designed in 1980 and used by the majority of statistical communities around the world. But the official version of R was in 1995. The primary motivation behind r development was to allow academic statisticians to conduct sophisticated statistical analysis of the data. R was derived from the initials of a developer, i.e. Ross Iala and Robert Gentleman. Both were associated with the Univers

R vs Stata: Which one is best for Data Science [Video]

MATLAB vs Octave: All You Need To Know

MATLAB vs Octave is the most important battle in the statistics industry. It is overwhelming for the statistics students to discern between them. Even some of the statistics students may not choose one of the two statistics states. Here in this blog; I'll make all your doubts about the equation between MATLAB and Octave clear. Let's start with an overview of both these languages. MATLAB Matlab stands for the Matrix laboratory. This is one of the most powerful programming languages for statistics in the world. It is used for technical calculation, all because of its powerful accomplishments. Like no other programming language in the world, it supports the essential procedural and object-oriented programming language. Therefore, it is considered the multi-paradigm programming language. As I speak about the history of Matlab, it was invented by Cleve Moler. It is the property of Math Works. In other words, Matlab is being distributed commercially by MathWorks. MATLAB

The Best Ever Comparison Between MATLAB vs Octave [video]

A Comprehensive Guide on The Uses of MATLAB

A Comprehensive Guide on The Uses of MATLAB

This blog will review the use of MATLAB. But before we go into it, we need to know the definition and characteristics of MATLAB. Let's start:- What is MATLAB? MATLAB is one of the most popular fourth-generation programming languages in the world. This is one of the best numerical analysis environments. MATLAB is the strongest and best-performing language used in technical computing. It was designed to solve problems that use mathematical markings. It is used for matrix calculations and algorithms; to create a user interface and data display. It also allows programs to run in any other programming language. It means that you can use the power of other programming languages in MATLAB. MATLAB is widely used for image processing, communication, control systems, signal processing, and robotics. MATLAB was founded in 1970 by Cleve Moler to help his students. He was a professor at the New University of Mexico. But MATLAB was commercially traded in 1983. To commercial

JMP vs Minitab: Which is the best statistics Software [Video]

JMP vs Minitab: Which is the best statistics Software

In this high-speed world, large numbers of statistical software are available in the world. It is very difficult for novice people to choose one of the best in the future of the statistics industry. Most students face challenges when choosing one of the JMP and Minitab. Since JMP and Minitab are the closest competitors in the world of trade statistics, as statistics experts, we have to know the real difference between JMP and Minitab. In this blog, we want to share an in-depth comparison between the two rivals around us. Let's start the comparison between JMP and Minitab:- Comparison between JMP vs Minitab Definition JMP Definition JMP is one of the best and most popular computer applications for statistical analysis. This product is the SAS Institute. SAS launched it in the year 1989. The primary purpose of JMP Setup was to use a graphical user interface that was introduced by Macintosh in that period. That means the initial release of JMP was only for