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Branches of Statistics for the Beginners

A Definitive Guide on The Branches of Statistics

Today, I'm going to tell you about the boundaries of statistics. Before we start, let's look at the statistics. Statistics is the main branch of mathematics. Used to perform different operations, i.e., Data collection, organization, analysis, and so on. In other words, statistics are a form of mathematical analysis that uses quantitative models to give a set of experimental data or studies of real life. Statistics examine the methodology for collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and making conclusions. Some statistical measures include the following: Mean Regression analysis Skewness Kurtosis Variance Analysis of variance Branches of Statistics Descriptive Statistics The descriptive statistics are the first part of the statistics that deals with data collection. People are too easy, but it's not easy. Statistics experts must be aware of the design and experiments. They also need to choose the right focus group and avoid prejudice. In contrast, descriptive statis

SPSS vs Excel: Which One is The Best Tool For Statistics

SPSS vs Excel is always a big concern among students' minds. Today I am going to share with you the best comparison of SPSS vs Excel. SPSS SPSS stands for Statistical Package for Social Sciences. It is the market leader in the case of statistical packaging equipment. SPSS is used as a derivative for data manipulation and storage. There are two methods for batch processing, namely, interactive batch and non-active batch. SPSS developed it, but it was later acquired by IBM in 2009. The former name of the SPSS "Under the umbrella." It was. But after IBM acquired it, the name of SPSS was changed to IBM SPSS in 2015. SPSS also comes with an open-source version known as PSPP. This version uses the process of data and the creation of data manipulation techniques with very few exceptions. These statistics and formulations are used for professional manipulation of big data chunks. The open-source version of SPSS is quite decent, and it will not end in the futu

SPSS vs Excel Which One is The Best Tool For Statistics [ Video ]

How to Find The Best Statistics Assignment Helper (video)