Difference Between Big Data And Cloud Computing

Big data is getting one of the most popular IT technology in the world. Big data is all about the numbers of the data. Big data contains a huge amount of data. On the other hand cloud computing is about using the resources over the internet. Cloud computing is the old technology but Big Data is the latest technology. Now let's take a look at the key differences between Big Data and Cloud Computing:-

Big data vs Cloud Computing

1. Type Of Data

Big Data holds a variety of data. In other words, it contains data that is structured and unstructured in nature. On the other hand cloud computing holds a similar kind of data. The reason is cloud computing is used by the end users. That's why it can't provide a variety of data - because it can be overwhelming for the user.

2. Users

Big data is used by the data scientist and the data engineer who are technically sound professionals. On the other hand cloud computing can be used by technical as well as nontechnical peoples.


Big data involves lots of process for data mining, data sorting and lots more. On the other hand cloud computing holds the preformatted data for the end users.

4. Size of Data

There is no limit to the amount of data used in Big Data. It can be in the number of million or in billion. On the other hand cloud computing data is limited for the user. It also set by the cloud computing hosting company for the users.


Big data is all about transforming the raw data into a meaningful form. This data is used for taking prediction based decisions. On the other hand in cloud computing, the data is well maintained by the cloud computing provider companies. The user just needs to access the data as per their plans.


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