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SAS vs R: Which One is Better for Statistics Operations

SAS means statistical analysis system. Nowadays the SAS has become one of the key choices of every business. That's why it's becoming the market leader in the commercial analytics space.

The SAS offers a variety of functions with a superb UI. These features help individuals learn the software at a faster pace.

Besides, individuals also get technical support whenever required. The SAS is a bit expensive and it does not provide the latest and most effective statistical functions.

R: R is an open source programming language. It was developed by researchers. That is why most of the professors and researchers are using R.

The best part of R is that it is an open source programming language. Due to its open-source nature, all the latest technologies are released immediately with R.

This language holds lots of documents with the community to help its users whenever they have problems using R.
SAS vs R 1.Availability / Price As I have already mentioned that the SAS is commercial soft…

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